Arxwasm - An experimental port of Arx Fatalis to Emscripten / WebAssembly

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Online demonstration running Arx Fatalis Demo
Hint: use "HOME" key instead of "ESC" key

Use the HOME key to go to the main menu or skip cinematics (instead of ESC key).
Arrow keys are "WASD" by default, and can be changed in-game.
Use Right-click to toggle between the "Cursor mode" and "Mouselook mode", Tab to enter "Combat mode", Ctrl to enter "Magic mode", and Enter to equip an object.

Resolution is 960x640 by default (3:2 aspect ratio), and can be changed in-game.
Use the top-right Fullscreen button to enter fullscreen. Note that this will just rescale the canvas, and not change the actual game video resolution.